The New Zealand Occupation list 2018 comprises of the high demand occupation in New Zealand. This list plays a vital role in New Zealand skilled migration visa program. It is also called as New Zealand Skills Shortage List. If the candidate has required qualification and holds work experience in one of the occupations mentioned on the list then, his/her chances of getting work or permanent residency visa increases.

The New Zealand Occupation List is operated by the New Zealand authorities. The main reason to publish the New Zealand Occupation List is to fill the occupations that are not fulfilled by the locals.

New Zealand Skill Shortage List is segregated into four categories:

  • Long-term skill shortage list (LTSSL)
  • Immediate skill shortage list (ISSL)
  • Canterbury skill shortage list (CSSL)
  • Skill level classification

1- Long-term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL)

New Zealand puts forward a host of opportunities to immigrants across the globe. New Zealand hires suitable migrants who fit their requirements. There are many job openings for specialists in several industries. Pertaining to these requirements, New Zealand has a recognized list of occupations called the Long Term Skill Shortage List.

If you job offers salary of atleast NZ$45,000 and you match the standard requirements then, you might be eligible to apply for residence in two years.