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If you want innovation, return of investment, enhancing your existing web app than Smarty development is a one of the best open source framework for you. It is one of the great framework with most flexibility to create a web template system written in PHP. Smarty is one of the most widespread Kodmax’s PHP template engine.

If you have to separate application logic from presentation, Smarty is the best solution for you.

We support all our clients and companies who are determined to control template engine to create available and dynamic applications. Our core competences include far-reaching market experience, in-depth knowledge, and incomparable technical skills. We have a thoughtful knowledge of the Smarty framework gained after years of professional experience. We are well aware of the market trends and clients’ requirements, which help us, shape a distinct spot in the tech world.

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  • Impeccable command of projects
  • Smarty management and customization's
  • MVC organized code
  • Dedicated team of developers
  • Practice function integrations
  • Technical valuation and assessment
  • Project consultations and interactions
  • Professional technical support
  • Website maintenance and support
  • Smarty framework support
  • Security
  • Attractive URLs
  • Built-in caching support

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